The Unfinished Beauty of Plywood

My friend Richelle bought a house recently (eep!) and she called on me to help her renovate and decorate the space. The house came with a shipping container in the backyard, and Richelle wants to finish out the container first so she can live in it while we're doing work on her house. We met up for a design meeting at Easy Tiger last week and decided on an "Austin Modern" look, so think unfinished materials, minimalist furniture and decor, and bright pops of color. While I was searching for inspiration, I became obsessed with the idea of installing a plywood wall or bed into the shipping container home. I love how the raw material looks finished in a clean white space and is the perfect backdrop for bright colors. I can't wait to walk through the container with Richelle next week and plan out the rest of the space.

xo Carm

via the design files