Weekend At The Lake

This past weekend I made my first trip to the lake of the season! The weather is finally warm enough to spend all day outside, but the water temperature is still catching up. I met my mom, dad, and Eastin out there for a relaxing weekend of sitting outside, eating good food, and catching up on my reading. I'm currently reading The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer and absolutely love it.

My parents and Eastin were SO shocked to see how big Paddington has gotten! I can't really tell because I see him everyday but they say he's HUGE, so I guess he is! Our next door neighbors at the lake have two golden retrievers and a husky, so Paddington had a blast running around outside with them all day.

In the spring/summer months I LIVE in Mexican embroidery dresses and sandals. One day I hope to adopt a full-on Mexican embroidery dress uniform, where that's all I wear every single day. I mean how comfy! This teal one is my favorite because of all the colors. It originally came longer, but I chopped off the bottom so it hits at the perfect spot above my knees now. I pretty much wore this all weekend with my orange Chacos and a one-piece swimmie underneath.

It was a perfect day on Saturday so we spent most of the time driving around on the boat. Paddington loves sitting up front with me. (He still thinks he's a lap dog!) My parents showed me and Eastin this cool, new development on the lake that had a community of all these really nice houses and a boat valet (!!!), but we like our slice of the lake better.

My parents always make sure we have great food and drinks on hand at the lake. These vintage Dr. Peppers made with real sugar are my favvvvorite. We also had fluffy pancakes for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and chicken and this amazing mushroom risotto for dinner, and of course, Blue Bell ice cream for dessert.

My schedule is finally starting to calm down so I'm hoping to spend a lot of weekends at the lake this spring and summer. I always feel so refreshed after a weekend relaxing and doing whatever we want outside. and honestly, few things beat this sunset view!

xo Carm