Spring 2017 Reading List

Sometimes it feels like my to do list is never-ending. Whenever I have a free second, I feel like I should be catching up on my coding class, cleaning my apartment, making a trip to Target, basically anything besides sitting on my couch and relaxing. For a while, whenever my friend Quinlan texted me asking me what I was doing, 99% of the time my answer was "running errands." But this spring, I'm trying to set aside more time just for relaxing. I've always been a big reader but when my schedule gets crazy, my book list goes on the back burner. I'm making an effort to turn that around by scheduling time just for getting lost in a good book and not feeling bad about it. My favorite genre of books usually falls under the "beach reads" category, which makes it perfectly timely that these books and magazines are at the top of my list.

xo Carm

The Vacationers By Emma Straub

Every weekend my parents drive to our lakehouse for a little retreat. So whenever I meet up with them out there, it feels like a mini family vacation. This story of one family's vacation is not quite the same. There's infinitely more drama and secrets, which makes it a great read trying to figure out what will happen next. There's also a character named Carmen, which I thought was pretty cool since I never see my name anywhere!

The Interestings By Meg Wolitzer

I went to camp every summer growing up, so I immediately loved this story about a group of six friends that met at an arts camp when they were kids. They each grew up and 30 years later found themselves in lives they never would have expected for themselves, and surprisingly they're still a pretty tight knit group...for the most part.

The Girls By Emma Cline

I'll admit, I started this one and then had to save it for later. It's not a very casual read (you really have to pay attention or else you could end up reading the same sentence over and over) and in all honesty, it's kind of scary! I'm usually a nighttime reader, but I'm saving this one for time when I can read in the daylight...

Kinfolk Volume 23

My faveee magazine. This issue is all about how to relax on the weekends, which is just perfect for my new focus on winding down! The editor's tips include: get outside, be naked, help others, and do nothing. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. I loved the article on coincidence (because I honestly think I'm the most coincidental person in the world), and the article about memory of colors (turns out, our brain can process a million colors, but only remembers about 10).

Dwell At Home In The Modern World

This issue has tonsss of "modern rustic" vibes that are right up my alley. There's a big focus on outdoor spaces, cabins in the forest, and lots of natural wood. I already can't wait to collage photos from this issue, after I finishing reading it from cover to cover!