Sculpture Earrings

Jewelry is the one shopping item I've just never really been into. For some reason, I have a hard time justifying spending $100 on a dainty necklace or a pair of stud earrings whenIi could spend that same amount on a to-die-for dress or cool new top.

But that all changed after I started seeing these sculptural earrings popping up on the scene. These puppies are truly ART. The only down-side to dangly earrings is that, after a while, they can get HEAVY. Since my ears aren't the strongest I've been determined to find more lightweight pairs (although I coulddd make an exception for those Annie Costello Brown gems).

I recently purchased a Matisse-inspired pair from Benu Made all the way from Prague. These girls hand make their jewelry using gold leather, which leaves their pieces looking like metal but way more manageable. And Brittany's PAPER earring DIY project is one of the coolest accessories I've seen yet - talk about lightweight and affordable. I can't wait to add a few new pairs to my nonexistent earring collection this spring.

xo Carm