Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday I turned 24 (or two dozen as my dad would say)! At work, we had a photo shoot for an upcoming project we're working on with Nespresso. The theme was "Our Monday Morning Meetings: Carmen's Birthday Edition." We made amazinggg breakfast tacos with this to-die-for Israeli feta cheese that I will now be obsessed with for the rest of my life. And for lunch, I had a lemon cupcake - YUM!

I continued the celebration later with dinner at Mattie's, this new restaurant in Austin that everyone has been raving about. Laura, Dani, and Olivia all came out to feast with me, and we ended up eating and drinking for 3 hours! The restaurant basically took over a gorgeous Southern home and filled it with swanky bars, hidden dining rooms, and the cutest wrap-around porch ever. We had dinner on the porch overlooking the patio area with the most perfect weather. The coolest part? They have live PEACOCKS roaming around everywhere, talking to each other, and hopping from tree to tree. It was seriously a magical night.

A part of me missed having an all-out birthday party with a ton of friends and activities like I used to have when I was younger. but now looking back on the evening, I had such a great time with friends that I love, in a city that I love, eating food that I love (i.e. the BURGER). So here's to my mid twenties!