New Year, New Goals

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As we kick off 2018, I'm reminded to set some goals for the new year. I just finished filling out my 5-year Q&A journal (I started it in 2013!) and I've loved looking through it year after year and seeing just how much has changed in my life. While I'm not sure if I'll restart another 5-year journal, I'm setting a few achievable goals this year to keep me striving for better.

xo Carm

Launch a successful business.

I have a feeling this year is going to be highly focused on work for me. I'm in the process of launching a new business called LoveBash which provides wedding e-design services for creative brides. This opportunity is so, so exciting to me and I honestly cannot wait to hit the ground running and make it a success! There are so many different ways to define success, especially in this day and age. So for this venture, my goal is to book at least 12 clients this year, or one client a month. Fingers crossed!

Maintain a healthy weight and positive body image.

This past November I decided to take my health more seriously and started a weight loss program that helped me lose 20 pounds in two months. My weight and body image has been something I've struggled with for years and years, and after I started noticing how it was affecting both my personal life and career goals, I decided to make a change. I'm looking forward to continuing this program in the new year to reach my health goals and maintain a positive body image that I'm in control of.

Take more photos and videos.

I'm one of the most sentimental people I know, especially when it comes to experiences. I love looking back on old photos and videos because they tell so much about your life and the world at that time. Whenever I get home from a fun trip or experience, I'm always disappointed that I didn't document the moments more, so this year one of my goals is to take more photos and videos. There's no such thing as too many memories.

Go on more adventures with Paddington.

These past few months have shown me how it can be so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of busy days and put the things you love on the back burner. Sometimes when I get home from work, I find myself just wanting to relax on the couch or work on a new project rather than take Paddington on a walk or to the dog park. So in order to better show my love for my puppy, my goal for 2018 is to take Paddington on an adventure at least twice a week (and hopefully more!) to bring as much joy to his life as he brings to mine.

Branch out of my comfort zone.

This goal is something that I work towards every year, and I honestly believe that I improve upon every year. In this, I include: saying "no" more often, speaking up for myself, not dimming my light so others can shine, making new friends, asking for help, and not letting fear keep me from reaching my goals. By setting this goal and getting pep talks from friends, I hope to push my comfort zone a little further this year.

Travel to 5 new places.

Last year, I set a goal similar to this and didn't keep to it. I found myself pushing back travel dates because of work, or money, or time, and ended up not carving out time to do things for myself that I really wanted to do. My goal this year is to plan ahead so that I'm able to do everything I want and need to do. The top five places on my travel list this year are: Copenhagen, Todos Santos, Santa Fe, Portland, and Nantucket.

I'm going to keep this list close by so I can easily refer back to it throughout the year. I think the best way to stay accountable with your goals is to review them often and not be afraid to take the first step into achieving them. Here's to a new year full of exciting opportunities, self love, fun memories, puppy snuggles, a grounded sense of self, and adventures abroad!

Photo by Jesse Marble